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Eco design Challenge

“Open Street Map data and Cloudmade libraries allowed us to customise the look and feel of the maps.”

The Designs of the Time (Dott) Eco design challenge is a Design Council Project.

A year long programme which fits in with the National Curriculum, in particular Year-8 pupils and involves them understanding not just the size of their school’s carbon footprint, but in how design can reduce it. This is achieved through community projects, events and exhibitions, in a way of seeing both what sustainability might really look like, and the part design plays in achieving it.

Innovative Mapping

We were asked to build the site, designed by Leap Media to create an innovative map, using Open Street Map data to give us full creative control in the look and feel of the map.  We also created a user friendly content management system which features various dynamic flash elements.

The site also includes a custom blog, downloadable resources and a page for the site,which allows the editors to compose their own newsletter. This newsletter is unique in that it converts to an email template that is then forwarded to subscribers without the cost of using a third party email provider.


We’ve also added an accessibility option key. This will enable the viewer to change the feel and look of the site for easier viewing for each individual, from increasing the text size and changing the colour of the background to black/white, white/black and yellow/blue.